Tips for a cleaner home for the Holidays…

Tips for a cleaner home for the Holidays…

Here are some tips that can help you have a cleaner home.

1st… don’t stress out over the amount of cleaning you have to do. Take it room by room… it will help you tackle your cleaning without over doing it in one day.

2nd…, look around your house and find items you have not used in the past year and start thinking about donating them or giving them away, so you can free up space in your home. Your space is valuable.

3rd…. save money on junk removal by cutting down large boxes or taking apart a large desk. Most company’s charge by volume. If you can make your items smaller, you will save more.

4th… Call Junk Monster and they can help you remove unwanted items and donate to different organizations.  1.877.591.5865

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